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Reviews to music  Anjey Satori


Anjey Satoris new age music soothes and cleanses the listener as he/she relaxes, meditates, or sleeps. Each albums combines Klaus Schulze-ian new age/ambient electronics and natural sounds. Healing Sounds of Tibet also incorporates Tibetan Singing Bowls. For Relaxation is probably the album to start with, if youre not sure. Magnatune


Incredibly it is pleasant! To tell the truth, I for a long time searched for something similar. Kate Lee


Very much your music has helped in many respects, has helped those that I have caught conditions very much close to me.. Appeared that simply it is necessary to release itself from all unnecessary....  Ultra Ksu



Reviews on CDbaby - CD "Ethnic Drums"

author: Jim

Smooth Rhythms, Pulsating, Moving!

Solid drumming. The full CD is so much more than the snippits provided above. You will not be disappointed! This is not a Shamanic trip sending you into sleepy land, This is ALIVE. Every track had my feet moving and body pulsating ready to move. I like the flow and feel of the Ethnic drums. Mystical Move is a great track for setting the pedals in motion I only wish this track was like 30 minutes longer. Perfect set for taking that all day ride on the bike, just set it to shuffle and pedal on! I look forward to finding more creativity hiding in your work. Great Job Anjey!



Reviews on Jamendo  - CD "Sound of Nature for Relaxation"

author: SelkieSong


These compositions are full of the gentle calming sounds of Nature... water flowing... birds singing... waves breaking...whales singing.

They have a hypnotic, dreamy atmosphere.
Like a sweet quieting lullaby, this music possesses the gentle power to lull the listener into a state of relaxation and peace.

Lovely compositions Anjey Satori. Thank you for these precious moments of peace.



Reviews on Jamendo - CD "Sound of Nature for Relaxation"

author: orangeupurple

Peaceful Beauty!

Need a little springtime in your life . . .? Listen . . .

Nature has a music which fills the soul with calmness and peace and gives vision of beauty . . .

The nature sounds and the ambient music are perfectly balanced and present a strong feeling of being out in the world, listening to the orchestra of the earth . . .







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