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Music Therapy in the Age of Aquarius


Music in the style of NEW AGE

In the translation of "New Age" sounds like "New Time" or "New Age". Also known as "Age of Aquarius."

That Theosophy Blavatsky (Theosophy "literally means" divine wisdom), and Agni Yoga Roerich, now the main agents of Hindu society, formed the basis for the emergence of many doctrines of the New Century. "Movement" New Age "emerged in Western society from an alloy of ideas combining some elements of world religions, occultism, the teachings of eastern gurus, the law of karma and reincarnation. Different groups of "New Age" to describe the different cycles through which the people are. Some say the relocation of the soul, which means the movement of the soul from the lowest to the life the higher the possible return to the lower life, as in classical Hinduism. Other groups argue that the soul can only pass from one person to another, but from what - to the next. Still others say about interplanetary motion of souls on Earth or other planets, traveling from one place to another in their evolutionary cycles for reincarnation.

Dr. J. Gordon Melton, professor and founder of the Institute for the Study of Religion at University of California, Santa Barbara, describes the history of the movement "New Age" as follows: "The History of the New Age Movement of the right thing would have been counted with approximately 1971. By that time, Eastern religion and psychology, issues affecting personality changes - new key elements required to synthesize new time - have become popular, and leaders-metaphysics can start building looks new time. "East-West magazine was the first periodical publication, reflecting the challenges of the new movement. The first national directories and guides have been published by 1972. "

For the New Age is characterized by takin beliefs as monism (all is one), pantheism (all is God "), Gnosticism (salvation or spiritual healing comes with special knowledge, education), karma and reincarnation, spiritual evolution. Followers of the New Age movement is practiced astrology, psychic healing, various ways to achieve altered states of consciousness (eg, meditation), the use of crystals and pyramids in the mental health purposes. And also enjoy the special terminology, such as: "Higher Self", "cosmic consciousness" "World Energy", "chakra", "kundalini", etc.

Despite the diversity of techniques used by each group for their self-transformation, the goal of groups are always the same: to transform a person and then transform the world.

Musical phenomenon, which has a common name NEW AGE, extremely multifaceted and broad in its borders. There are many definitions of this phenomenon. One of them, combining, perhaps all this diversity, is reduced to simple terms - Contemporary Instrumental (contemporary instrumental music). Title NEW AGE (New Century), as a short and catchy, it seems, put forward not so much musicians as those who contributed to the recording and dissemination of this music at the start of its commercial success. Despite the fact that the term became known to the general audience only in the 80's, the idea of this music originated much earlier. Specific sense of meditative, sophistication and a certain detachment from reality, which brings together all members of the flow occurred in the late 19 th - early 20 th century. Something new has appeared then in the works of Gabriel Fauré, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel. Then in the academic music there has been a noticeable influence of Asian cultures. This can be seen in the works of such Russian composers as Borodin, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov.

Impressionistic tendency to shade the east was entirely different incarnation of a few decades, when the society there is a need to meditative music, when the pull of youth to the ancient spiritual knowledge, the East has become almost a fashion, when there are new technical means, electronic instruments and sequencers, radically changed the very way of its execution. The origins of music NEW AGE can be found in many different areas. Traditional music of different nations and epochs, deliberately not mentioned among them, although she has played a huge role in shaping the entire aesthetic style NEW AGE. The rudiments of music NEW AGE as mass culture emerged during the hippie in the mid-60's. First swallow consider writing American jazz clarinetist Tony Scott (Tony Scott), who in 1964 released a CD "Music for Zen Meditation" c using Japanese folk instruments and a completely new approach to jazz. In the second half of the 60's the youth became visible commitment to the care of all the aggressive, active, realistic and practical. It was a challenge of a new generation of abandoned lifestyle of their parents, their pragmatism and lack of spirituality. Characteristically, many boys and girls from middle-and even very wealthy families fled their homes, joining together in their "family" living as "flower children". The second half of the 60's and first half of the 70's were a time of unprecedented enthusiasm of young people by various kinds of religions and spiritual teachings. First of all, the increased interest in Christianity, which brought huge popularity rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Godspell". Interest in Indian ancient knowledge - Vedanta - began to emerge at the very early 60's when the famous teacher of yoga - Maharishi - came to England, where he met members of the group "Beatles". This was followed by their trip to India, one of the ashrams. As a result, one member of the "Beatles" - George Harrison became interested in not only playing the sitar, and Indian philosophy, which had a significant impact on many fans. Then followed the arrival in Europe and the U.S. outstanding Indian musician Ravi Shankar and his ensemble, his cooperation with many famous artists. This has contributed to the expansion of mass youth interest in ancient Indian and in general to the eastern culture, Vedanta, the teachings of yoga, Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism. Settled in the United States Indian yogi and teacher Sri Chinmoy had an impact on the outstanding work of guitarist John McLaughlin, dedicating it to the Hindu religion and giving it a second name - Mahavishnu. Ensembles "Mahavishnu Orchestra" and "Shakti" (consisting of McLaughlin and Hindus - Artists in ancient folk instruments), then had a stunning impact on the younger generation of listeners. Then there was the ensemble "Oregon", in which exquisite music, reminiscent of the European Middle Ages, was painted in the Indian tone, as one of the participants - Colin Walcott (Colin Walkott) played there on their own mastered the tabla and sitar.

NEW AGE - in most cases, music is not improvised, but rather a pre-tested, since it is designed to create a certain state of mind, allow to sink into your own subconscious. As you know, the hippie movement got away to nothing with the advent of new generations of youth, new ideals, new conditions of life in the second half of 70. Rock culture has been replaced carefree and primitive music DISCO, aggressive punk music and heavy-metallers, exotic REGGAE, hip-hop and New Wave (New Wave). But the calm and noble music that arose before that, has not disappeared. She continued to independently develop a subculture and reached the surface in 80 years as a special kind of youth culture, the truth is an elitist, called NEW AGE. Elitism it was that its basic and typical customer at a time were representatives of a new social layer that has arisen in the United States of America, and known as "yuppies." These included the most talented and successful alumni of leading universities, experts on building new areas of cities, attorneys, lawyers and businessmen. For a while they really were considered elite and have been trendsetters in the medium of intellectual and prosperous American youth.

With the development of electronic music and the technical capabilities of new-age has become more diversified and no longer identified only with music for meditation and relaxation. Today the notion that music is so broad and contradictory, which causes a lot of misunderstandings and reservations, partly perhaps because the elements, the new-age could be found for many musicians. New Age - is a common name, which combines a variety of musical categories and styles. This fusion of spiritual, electronic, ethnic, classical, instrumental, symphonic music with the sounds of nature in various proportions and fractions. This list may be other areas, such as jazz, as a result and we got a new age soft jazz, Jonathan Cain, Max Volmer (Jonathan Cain, Max Folmer), but the unshakeable remains only the spiritual part of what makes the music new age both conservative and constantly developing, which can be very light and surface-Karunesh (Karunesh album Colours of Life), and serious depth that not every music fan will master, David Parsons (D. Parsons album Dorje Ling).

Under the classic new age means the spatial synthesizer, nature sounds and meditation "sweet" melody. Modern new age inherent rhythm, "contemplative in action", mnogoinstrumentalnye variation, which in its quality can satisfy the most sophisticated listener. It is a synthesis of ancient traditions and modernity, a look into the past and the future.

This music was from two corners of the world: from America - a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, composed and played by people like William Aura (William Aura), Mars Lazar (Mars Lasar), Jim Brickman (Jim Brickman), Lanzhou, David (David Lanz ), and manufactured by companies such as Windam Hill, Real music, Higner Octave, Narada. A meet in Germany early seventies, where he was born synth and electronic ground-mounted music, spreads in the world thanks to the group Tangerine Dream, and such soloists as Klaus Schulze (Klaus Schulze) and Christopher Franke (Christopher Franke).

Musical styles and trends, merging and absorbing all the same, perhaps, a progressive and traditional at the same time, combining the soul and the cosmos, the sound and silence, formed a whirlpool of new age, music, allowing a direct relationship between composer and listener, because the author is in the same time, and performer, and in most cases playing solo. Everyone can create harmony within yourself and share it with others through music.

Enormous contribution to the electronic and new age music made his experiments B. Eno (B. Eno). Even in his earliest albums you can learn the elements of new age music, and his album Neroli is still used in hospitals in different countries for assistance in childbirth.

Now in the hands of known and unknown musicians, synthesizers and electronics are increasingly gaining a place even in such musical styles that were not previously considered part of electronic music. Many groups (Software, GENE, Aeoliah) argue that commercial success is not necessarily abandon composing and performing talent. Importantly, perhaps, to a musical work was a spark - the moment, bringing to the listener those lightning-fast pulses of pleasure that permeate from head to toe, are sensational in its beauty and tranquility sounds, which has taken a unique shape and penetrates us.

One of the representatives of classical new age is a group of musicians from the center of Osho, which is in India, Pune under the guidance of one of the pioneers of this style - Doyter (Deuter). These musicians are quite well known among fans of new age-Karunesh, Kamal, Moon, Anugama, Prabordhi (Karunesh, Kamal, Luna, Anugama, Prabodhi ...), and it is interesting to note that no one drives these artists do not go without a co-author of musicians from this same company. All musicians are Europeans, and their process of self-discovery and spirituality, expressed through music. And if they are based on the traditions of India, the world-famous Kitaro (Kitaro) takes inspiration from Japanese culture, Enya (Enya) in Celtic tradition, Nicholas Gunn (Nicolas Gunn) - American Indian. Some musicians Terry Oldfield (Terry Oldfield) are turning to Christianity, but on the whole new age neutral, and the basis for many works are paintings of nature and the cosmos.

Music, and in particular new age, - not only the result of mental process, but also the expression of emotions. It is intuitive and spontaneous. Listen to really - is to disclose it for yourself and feel what he felt himself a musician.

Imagination transforms and turns gray world of objective reality in a world of endless mysteries and unsolved mysteries in the world of breathtaking natural beauty and unique interpretation of the intractable relationship between human beings. Imagination allows the composer of his heart rhythm converted to musical tones, which can hear only person who can dream and not disadvantaged associative imagination.

Music - a combination of sound and rhythm. In some styles of music rhythms prevail in others - the smooth sound, combined with the soft rhythm or do without it. For music, New Age characterized recently. Rhythm more efficiently and effectively influences the person. That's why commercial music (which is dominated by hard or bright rhythms of the background sounds) are most easily perceived, because rhythm adjusts itself to its perception of the human wave.

But New Age music is more complicated to understand, because it is largely absent obsessive rhythms. Therefore, a person in order to adjust their perception of the appropriate wave - to yourself to make an effort to discern in the unobtrusive sound of musical images that are often so pale that the untrained person to mistakenly believe that music is too repetitive and monotonous.

This explains the unpopularity of New Age music. This music is difficult to understand and why does not require a surface, but deep and thoughtful consideration. New Age music is more subtle in its power (spiritual feelings and fantasies composer). But a thin thread harder to see - especially if it is discolored lack of ambition and claim to broad popularity. But the hidden and invisible to physical sight worlds are often much more interesting than the visible, as it contains in itself an infinite number of mysteries and the amazing discoveries that attract his inexhaustible.

Widespread use of melodies in the spirit of new age in numerous cutscenes on radio and television, including on Russian channels, permanent and long-term presence of representatives of new age in the hit - parade of different countries along with other trends and styles, and many millions of copies of individual musicians who may envy of many pop and rock stars, in my opinion still does not reflect the overall picture and the spirit of new age. And this is primarily a personal, if you want an intimate music, which should not please everybody, otherwise it loses something secret if it is put on a commercial footing.

By the early 90's commercial interest in music NEW AGE began to subside. But it ceased to be fashionable, however, continues to exist and develop, with a constant circle of listeners. It is ironic, but some of this calm and noble music has found its applications of a number of areas of practical life. Its disadvantage in airports, in elevators huge office buildings, used in medicine, wherever necessary to create peace of mind. NEW AGE music can not be considered a simplified, though frequent examples where there are no complex harmonies and subtle improvisations. Its complexity is in the depth of experience, is not available to everyone. Often play such music helps a person to escape from the stresses of everyday city life, cleanse, relax and save my mind from a fall. The central idea of New Age-vskogo thinking - the idea that humanity has reached a critical stage of evolutionary development, and behind it should be followed by a global shift in human consciousness. New age - the music of awakening, harmony, goodness, joy and beauty, without a doubt the ability to change people for the better.


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Above is an excerpt from the book Anjey Satori "Music Therapy in the Age of Aquarius."

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