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Music Therapy in the Age of Aquarius


The healing power of music

Already in ancient sources, we find plenty of evidence that speak of miraculous healings achieved through music. Neoplatonist Boethius in his treatise, "Manual for the music," suggests that musicians Terpandr and Arion of Metimny through singing and saved the inhabitants of Lesbos Ionya from serious diseases. A Ismeny Thebes is said to have saved from the suffering of many Boeotians that tormented strong arthritic pain. "According to the concept of the ancients, the rhythm of each pulse corresponded to a particular disease, but the rhythms are arranged in order of musical numbers. In medieval Italian music theorist Joseph Tsarlino we find evidence of how someone Senokrat trumpets crazy old regained health and Tuleta of Candia sounds of cittern banished the plague. Prophet David with his singing and playing the cithara healed the biblical King Saul from bouts of severe depression. Prophets during his action demanded that someone started a skillful play, because "when prompting them with these sweet sounds in them inspired spiritual grace."

Singer Orpheus with his singing could soften the heart, not only people but even the wild animals and birds. Physician Asklepiad music sounds pacified strife, and the sounds of pipes restored deaf to hear. Pythagorean Damon drew his singing boys, the devotees guilt and lust, to live a moderate and fair.

In the Odyssey Homer tells of Odysseus' treatment. His wound from music and singing has stopped bleeding. Homer also points out that Achilles calmed their anger and rage, singing and playing the lyre.
Listening to music, playing on the zither, in the opinion of the ancient Greeks and Romans, contributed to the process of digestion. Roman physician Galen recommended the use of music as an antidote to the bites of poisonous snakes.

When treating tarantizma (bite tarantula) effective means of Italians consider the music and dance. Patients at a furious pace danced to exhaustion dance called "Tarantella", firmly believing that the poison will remain in the body for as long as it does not fly "vytantsuetsya.
Democritus was recommended to listen to a flute in fatal infections. Plato suggested that the headache medication, consisting of a set of herbs. Treatment was accompanied by the singing of the magical nature. It was believed that without the singing and musical accompaniment medicine lost its medicinal properties.

In the mid-century practice of treating music was closely associated with widespread at the time the theory of affects, which studied the impact of different rhythms, melodies and harmonies on the emotional state. Established various relationships between temperament and patient preference of a particular character of the music. "Melancholic love serious, do not interrupt a sad harmony. Sanguine, due to easy excitability blood vapors, always involved in dance style. By the same harmonic motion seeking and choleric, who dances lead to severe inflammation of the bile. Phlegmatic, - noted German scientist and musician Atanazius Kircher, - touch slim women's voices. "

Music played a major role in healing, in the cultural traditions of different tribes and peoples. The Indians of America had a special underground room where they set up their instruments, preparing thus to the healing rituals. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect who heals through specific forms, shapes and sounds, says that the pyramids in Egypt were also used for this purpose. Listening to Gregorian chant, or Hildegard van Bingen, and healthily for the heart. This could include audio and Tibetan bowls, which have shown an amazing healing effect. Bowls produce more harmonious sounds simultaneously, which resonate with the body. This creates a relaxing, soothing, stress relieving effect, a condition in which the body recovers and comes into equilibrium.

The great Russian composer Scriabin the first time revealed that each person is peculiar relationship between the perception of color and tone of music. Melody in the key of the selected person, perceived as a personal close to his psychological state. This choice corresponds to the choice of color in the famous test of Luther (famous psychologist).

Russian psychiatrist Korsakov - too early in the century - wrote: "The music has beneficial effects on mood, as well as mood disorder is an important element of mental illness, the usefulness of its influence is very possible."

According to A. Kircher, therapeutic possibilities of music consisted in its mediation between the music of the spheres and the one that lies in the movement of physiological processes in the body. Resulting in line with the last one, music has Curative effects.

All phenomena in the universe - a combination of vibrational motions (vibrations). Separate organs and systems of our body in a healthy state has a special blend of harmonic vibrations in the terminology of musicians - music. From this perspective, each of us - the most complicated piece of music. The relationship between sound and body vibration: low frequency correlate with the lower part of the body, high - from the top.

When a person becomes ill, the "tone" of his body creeps false notes. Even the thought is a vibration and may be "unhealthy", like heart, liver or lungs. And if you could technically fix the "music" of the body in a healthy condition, then we would have a unique opportunity to restore the normal vibration (vibration of a healthy body) with the disease.

Dr. Shulman of the U.S. heal patients, inviting them to listen to an audio cassette with the sounds of various internal organs: heart, lungs, stomach and intestines. According to him, sick body, "Listen" harmonious sounds of healthy bodies, self-will recover.

China has also mass produced music albums with a surprise for us the title: "Digestion," "Insomnia," "Migraine." There is also a "liver", "Light", "Heart." Chinese "take" these musical compositions, such as tablets or herbs. Such music collection was published in Japan.

American nutritionists and drug experts have begun to supply the market audiotapes to drop weight, against smoking and alcoholism. The Institute zvukoterapii (Arizona) music even grow hair in bald.

In India, national melodies are used as a preventive tool in many hospitals. But in Madras was opened even a special center for training doctors muzykoterapevtov. They have already found pieces of music for the treatment of hypertension and certain mental illnesses, to which traditional medicine is often powerless.

At the Department of Normal Physiology, Medical Faculty of Peoples' Friendship University, Department of reflexology Moscow Medical Dental Institute in conjunction with the institute of traditional medicine and music therapy experiments were conducted on the effect of sound vibrations on the condition of internal organs. So, it turned out: 12 sounds that make up the octave, harmoniously aligned with 12 systems in our body. And the heart responds to a single note, the liver - on the other, the nerves - the third. When directed effects of music, singing body into a state of maximum vibration. This is called a resonance effect. The result strengthens the immune system, metabolism, active remediation going, anti-processes, the person recovers. Now do not think fiction is another phenomenon, too, have long noted by: different tools act on our bodies in different ways: violin, piano, best soothe the nerves, relaxes the flute, cello heals the heart, oboe, clarinet activate or inhibit the function of the liver - depending on the music and time of day. Because each of our bodies have "peaks" of activity and rest.

MD Shurshadzhan Sergey and his colleagues conducted a study of the effect vokaloterapii the lungs and other vital organs. According to the research they have come from the conclusion that the sound emerging during the singing, only 15 - 20 percent goes into outer space. The rest of the sound wave is absorbed by internal organs, leading them into a state of vibration. The sound of diseased organs is different from sound healthy. That is not a sound could be corrected by teaching people the right to sing, and besides we enjoy, to spruce up your body without the aid of drugs. Music therapy in general and in particular vokaloterapiya - rare on availability of funds for the inclusion of reserve capacity of the organism and development of its protective functions. "Pay attention, good opera singers - people are physically healthy and are generally long-lived. Primadonna rarely retire. If the schools instead of obscure music lessons were introduced into classical singing lessons, sick children, we would have been much less "- says Sergey Shurshadzhan.

Dr. Gordon Shaw explains the influence of music on health. Vibration creates sound energy fields, forcing resonate every cell in our body. We consume "music" energy, and it normalizes the rhythm of our breathing, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, relieves muscle tension. Therefore, correctly chosen melody has a beneficial effect on patients and accelerates healing. Disharmonious music can with the help of electromagnetic waves alter blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and depth of respiration up to a full stop it.

Health is when this energy is allowed to flow to the place of its natural function, being neither blocked nor deviated from its path. Any block in manifest in the form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsession, and outside it - in the form of static, ossified, dispersal movements, bodily human pathology. The body always listens to life. This transmitter is any sense of transcendence (goes beyond the boundaries of possible experience, inaccessible knowledge), any communication, direct mouthpiece of our thoughts, instincts and desires.

In practice, schools Qi Gong exercises held a special sound to harmonize the vibration of the body, restoring normal circulation of vital energy of qi.

Sound Gymnastics can cure a man of many diseases and is widely practiced by many ancient schools. For this purpose, playing certain characters, the voices of animals and birds, imitating natural noises.
Sounds slow and fast, low and high cause quite different effects. Each organ has its low and high sound. Sound Gymnastics promotes normal and smooth movement of energy through the meridians, which enhances the body's defenses, soothes the mind, calms the emotions.

In our body there are three basic rhythm: breathing, heartbeat and cranio-sacral rhythm. In addition, each organ and each system has its own vibration. The energy that surrounds our body also has a kind of vibration. By auverdicheskomu tradition, each chakra has its corresponding vowel sound and tone. When he played, then activated and set in motion a chakra form appears. In the sixties, Hans Jenny, MD, an anthropologist, a follower of Rudolf Steiner, conducted extensive research on the effect of the impact of sound on the form. He showed the results of the game tones of different materials, like sand on a metal plate on the water and other elements. Were created perfect symmetrical mandalas, different high output sound. It was discovered that the ancient yantra or mandala, representing the chakras, which in auverdicheskomu legend 2000 years, exactly conform to the shape created by the sounds of the chakras.

You can change the crystal formation of water through music. Masaru Emoto has recently conducted extensive research in this area. If we imagine that the human body is 70% of the water, you can see what opportunities open up for sound healing. In accordance with ayurverdicheskoy tradition, every disease has its origins in the energy level, so the removal of obstacles at this level that positively affects the physical body, helping him to come back into equilibrium. When the functions of the human body are balanced properly, it is not subject to disease. It preventive way in medicine. Singing the vowel sounds, people will activate the chakras, creating a positive force around his body. M. Gaynor, an oncologist, helped to heal cancer patients, attributing them to the singing of vowels. Ibrahim Karim made a protective agent (SWS) of unpronounceable vowels corresponding chakras. This protectant is applied by farmers in the Netherlands in the experimental bases for the restoration of the immune system of cows, cattle, having a strong immune system is not affected by diseases affecting the hoofs and the ruminant animal area. Opening Ibrahim Karim gives positive results.

Created on the basis of the laws of musical harmony music has a healing effect. Usually it is associated with the subconscious. Of the treasures of musical art can make a home kit, complementing our medicines, honey, medicinal plants, etc. From classical music to choose those that have a high spiritual potential, have exclusive power to influence.

Each of us depending on the physical and mental condition requires its own healing music and just the vibration. The sounds of music can bring peace of mind, or destroy it, to call the fight, or induced to calm, concern, anxiety, or inspire, inspiring confidence in themselves, contribute to an optimistic perception of the situation, state of happiness and a sense of the immensity of the world, its depth and unity.

Music according to the rhythm, tempo, melody in different ways affects the human body. Military marches improve muscle tone, major music at a fast pace speeds up heart rate and raises blood pressure. Melody, listening to that you feel joy, promotes vasodilation, and normalizes blood pressure and slows the heart rate. Minor as the music, oddly enough, it activates physiological processes. There's music (mostly symphonic), which changes the acidity of the stomach. So it is advisable to take food, accompanied by your favorite music. Specialists suggest that music therapy, or melolistika, helps a person to return to the sensations that he had long forgotten - such as those that were with him at the time of birth.
Harmonious music - the best therapist. When a person falls asleep under the gentle tunes, all night he sees a good dream. Such music relieves stress during business negotiations, the students accompanied by music more attentively listen to and much faster memorize new material. If a woman is nursing a baby, listening to favorite pieces, then at the first sound of familiar tunes from her comes the milk.

Religious music gives a sense of peace, restores emotional balance. It is an analgesic in the world of sounds and helps cope with the pain, easing it. It lifts us above the level of everyday consciousness into those higher spheres, where the kingdom of light, love and joy. Bach's music is not only raises the deepest religious feelings, but has a more profound effect. It conjures up religious symbols, especially the symbol of the temple, harmonious proportions of which remind the infinity of the universe. A similar effect has also Handel.

In the Middle Ages during the plague epidemic in the cities not stop ringing the bell: it was thought that the bells can deal with this terrible disease. The same effect is produced and choral singing during the incessant prayers. It is unknown how knew about medieval clergy, but in our time has been empirically proven that the activity of microbes, after hearing the bells and church music, falling by 40 percent. And then, holy water is itself not so much due to ions of silver, saturating it with immersion of the cross as the smooth and polyphonic singing during prayer.

The fact that the bells kills germs and bacteria, expels rodents in Russia knew long ago, but now scientists have understood that this is due to radiated ultrasound instrument. Low dose irradiation of ultrasound is now used in the food industry for the sterilization of the spacecraft before their flight to other planets, etc. Ultrasonic range (above 25 kHz) speeds up the treatment of infectious diseases and increases the immunity of the person. In future studies should be borne in mind that if a single bell sound is unique, the voice of the belfry of a few bells is the whole atmosphere of sounds that are often difficult to predict because of complex interactions of individual spectra. Bell Belfry - a miniorkestr, which the Orthodox tradition is divided into 3 groups of bells: small (rang), medium (podzvonnye) and large (evangelists). Using songs jingle bells predominantly one or the other team can develop appropriate emotional mood, and make that part of the church bell ringers, depending on the nature of celebration and worship.

Plants, too, "feel" the music. One farmer from Canada under the violin sonatas of Bach gives one and a half wheat harvest. Carlson has created an American company, "Sounding the flower - its" musical recipes "used in many countries. Chinese biophysicist Tyanchzhen Howe invented the "zvukochastotny generator", which is based on "taste" of plants can transmit different sound waves are able to stimulate their photosynthesis and growth. Just need to pick up in accordance with the level of humidity and temperature required frequency range, which is suitable for various types of crops. In America, even France, are published albums records for plants - a record harvest of the music getting. "Sounding" of the plant contain many times more vitamins and nutrients. From major melodies mimosa and petunias are growing much faster and even flourish for two weeks earlier. Under the microscope, shows clearly that the protoplasm of plant cells accelerates the movement under the influence of music.

In the last century in the convent nuns Brittany performed musical works for pets. They noticed that listening to Mozart's serenade, the cows were given twice as much milk. Even the dogs are not indifferent to the music. For example, the pinschers, depending on the melody blood pressure can vary up to 70 millimeters of mercury. The Japanese found that when Mozart's music sounds at the bakery, the dough is suitable up to 10 times faster. The best rice wine, sake is obtained from yeast, "Listen" by Mozart. In Canada, the string quarter playing Mozart in the urban areas to streamline traffic and reduce accidents.

But music can also destroy. In Japan, conducted the experiment, which involved 120 breastfeeding mothers. Odni mother listened to classical music, others - pop music. In the first group of moms milk increased by 20 percent, while fans of contemporary rhythms - has decreased by half. Music that can be harmful to name differs frequent discord, lack of form, irregularity and "Furious" their rhythms. She embodies the modern mind and its state of stress and tension, combined with over-depressant effect. And this is detrimental to the psyche.


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Above is an excerpt from the book Anjey Satori "Music Therapy in the Age of Aquarius."

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