Music for Tantra






TANTRABEATS I "The Space of the Body"

Emotional and "clockwork" rhythms of India in a combination with polyphonic electronic pads  underline the special melodies of Angelight music carefully. The moderate quantity of "electronics" in music keep alive sounding and gives to ideas  of Tantra the western shades. It allows music not to leave deeply in folklore, therefore  it is impossible to carry the album to carry to style of world music. More likely, Angelight once again offers to the listener his unique approach in disclosing of an esoteric theme by a musical key.

Movement is life. When you notice Your energy cycling  then Your Mind wakes up beginning the unique movement to an overall objective -To the higher Awakening.

 The Music here urged to play an important role in this process. It will help you to be adjusted and will set a rhythm. Physiological processes start to occur in the resonance to your aspiration to reach qualitatively new condition of consciousness.

The melody charms Your soul, involves emotions to the necessary tonality and intensity. So that they didn't disturb to the main process and humanity transformations in divinity helped.

The Tantra sexual practices are useful as well to improvement of quality of mutual relations in steam. Music is ideally suited for the pair practices(movements, breath, sensitivity and empathy improvement).




Immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.