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Olexa Kabanov



Polyphonic wheel lyre

I advise to listen to this record - everything. Because the wheel lyre and today remains a unique instrument with a special sound, her voice - a great guide to the imaginary and the inner worlds. In the end, history of wheel lyre has about a thousand years - which means, in this music live and medieval castles, and the musicians wandering, and the air is clean, which is now so lacking in our cities ... Not every musician is able to breathe real life into old instruments, enable them to sound bright and deeply - not glass rhinestones and jewels. Alexei Kabanov - no doubt, is capable of. He played traditional tunes sound as if they are not hundreds of years - so it is lively, intimate and warm. Feeling arises is, if and melodies, and you yourself have gone beyond time - and no one grows old, nothing disappears, while the music sounds ... It's nice the way that some author's compositions only deepens this impression. Actually, if you do not know where they are - do not guess, so everything goes together. And one more remark. Ambreliya you hear here - personal polyphonic wheel lyre Alexei Kabanov. Thanks to some improvements, it has versatile instrument, the orchestra - really enriched. I think you will appreciate the depth of her voice, the elegance of colors - and want to learn more ...



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world music