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Meditation Music free download,

 Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Chakras, SPA, Healing



New Music for Yoga and Meditation

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                                           The Awakening of hte Source               Harmony of the Motion 


Meditation Music Free Download


meditation music

Anjey Satori - "Sounds of Nature for Relaxation" - Free Download   (2 Tracks)


relaxing music download

  Anjey Satori "Healing Sounds of Tibet"   -   Free Download   (2 Tracks)




soothing music

Anjey Satori - "Classics for Relaxation" - $ 2 (CD quality)  Download



music for yoga

  Anjey Satori "Chakra Sounds"  -  $ 5 (CD quality) Download




Meditation Music  by  Anjey Satori 


soothing music  

Sleep Under the Rain - relaxing music, meditation and soothing music, alpha, theta and delta rhythms, deep relaxation music, stress management  download ...>>


Astral Journey - music for astral travel, space music, access to the astral plane, other dimensions. Relaxation music and travel to other galaxies  download ...>>


Golden Dreams - relaxing soothing music, meditation music  to the sound of the sea, the cries of whales and dolphins, healing, recovery forces. Can be used for massages  download ...>>

  meditation music free download


Sound of Nature for Meditation - meditation music with the sounds of nature, relaxing soothing music, entrance to the meditative state, theta rhythm  download ...>>

soothing music



Meditative Music - music for meditation and yoga, soothing music, dive into a trance, the inner space  download ...>>

  meditation music  

Sound of Chakras - vibration to open and cleanse the chakras. The effect is similar to the technique Osho. Balancing, Harmonization, recharging energy  download ...>>


Journey Into Subconscious - music for psychotherapy, self-knowledge, healing. Music therapy, reincarnation therapy, overcoming fears, the removal of energy blocks, purification  download ...>>

  relaxing soothing music  

The Best for Meditation - music for relaxation and meditation. Stopping the internal dialogue, soothing music, harmonization download ...>>



Ethnic Drums - rhythmic shamanistic music. Dynamic techniques Osho, spontaneous dance, recharging energy  download ...>>

  relaxing soothing music for meditation



Relaxation with Ocean - music for relaxing, soothing music, recuperation, deep relaxation music, music therapy  download ...>>

relaxing soothing music for relaxation  


Relaxation with Forest - the sounds of the forest, singing birds. Relaxing soothing music, recuperation, healing download ...>>

  soothing music


Healing Rhytms of the Earth - meditation music, healing music for the restoration of the body, cells, healing, balancing energy, charging the lower chakra - Muladhara and Svadhishthana  download ...>>



Relaxation Music  by  Angelight 




TANTRABEATS I "The Space of the Body" - emotional and "clockwork" rhythms of India. Music for Tantra, Yoga and meditation techniques of dynamic   download ...>>


TANTRABEATS II "The Space of the Soul" -  music is fit as for individual listening, as and as a thematic supporting background in Tantra pair practices  download ...>>


Zensation "Paradise Gate" -  It is possible to use this music for yoga or meditation, or to reflect over meaning of the life in a philosophical solitude download ...>>


Heavenly Angels - music for meditation and spiritual healing.  Listening to this music, you find every once in their souls the angels who are always ready to help you in difficult moments of life  download ...>>



Shamania - mpetuous shaman dancings and sad call of voices from the world of spirits can be heard in this music   download ...>>


Intimland  Part 1 "Touch" - This music creates special atmosphere of intim and rapprochement, removing a barrier, disturbing to movement of energy of desire   download ...>>



The Surf Song/ Magic Wood - music for meditation, relaxation and healing with the sounds of nature  download ...>>


Music Energies 1 - the energy of life and energy of passion. Music for meditation on life's energy and passion energy download ...>>



World Music  by  Olexa Kabanov 




Wind from the Orient - it seems that every musician on the path of self-improvement, sooner or later meets with the musical culture of the East - and imbued it   download ...>>


Dale of Muses - here you will find unexpected combinations and each of them again and again will say that it - really music without borders, music for people, for everyone, regardless of nationality.  download ...>>

Ambrelyre  - music for polyphonic wheel lyre.Not every musician is able to breathe real life into old instruments, enable them to sound bright and deeply - not glass rhinestones and jewels. Olexa Kabanov - no doubt, is capable of.   download ...>>




Ower the Waves - Music album invites us on a journey to distant countries and continents unknown  download ...>>


meditation music free downloads

Anjey Satori  - author 14 CD's with meditation and deep relaxation music.

From his early years Anjey started interesting in mysticism and esoteric teaching of the East.

Anjey Satori - author relaxation music, meditation music, music for healing, yoga, sleep and inner travel practices.  Each piece of music creates a harmonious balance of music and spirituality...                   read more>>


Angelight - pen name of russian composer, which was a founder of transformational direction in music. The History of his music began long before appearances of musical works. The Future composer, having music formation, not there was in creative searching for. He was in search for spiritual.

Angelight -  autor  more 30 CD's of relaxation music, healing, spa and employment practices of Tantra.            read more>>

Anjey Satori    


  Anjey Satori    
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